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Consistency of Color

ISSFA SST 2-1.00


(Same Sheet)    
Cleanability Satin Rating ISSFA SST 3-1.00
Visual Defects ISSFA SST 5-1.00
Light Resistance ISSFA SST 7-1.00
No Effect-Pass
Boiling Water Resistance ISSFA SST 7-1.00
No Effect-Pass
(referencing NEMA LD3-3.5)
High Temperature Resistance ISSFA SST 9-1.00
No Effect-Pass
(referencing NEMA LD3-3.6)
Radiant Heat Resistance NEMA LD3-3.10
600+seconds Pass
Linear Thermal Expansion ASTM E 288-95
4.14 x 10 to the -5th mm/mm°C
(2.30 x 10 to the -5th in./in °F) Pass
Flexural Strength (PSI) ASTM D-790-99
55.64 Mpa (80/70 PSI) Pass
Flexural Modulus (MPSI) ASTM D-790-99
8136 Mpa (1.18 MPSI) Pass
Barcol Hardness ASTM D2583-95
61 Pass
Flatness of Sheets ISSFA SST 4.1-000
(<0.010in) Negative Warp
(<0.041in) Negative Warp
Impact Resistance ISSFA SST 6.1-00
Pass at 1.525mm(60in)

Any interior, horizontal, or vertical surface where the properties of solid surface enhance form and function.

Residential Applications

• Kitchen countertops
• Tub surrounds
• Vanity tops
• Wet bars
• Built-in desks
• Entertainment centers

Commercial Uses
• Healthcare
• Education
• Retail
• Restaurant
• Hospitality
• Stadiums

Commercial Applications
• Transaction counters
• Bathroom applications
• Tables
• Food preparation
• Hot and cold bars
• Desks

Product Feature
• Large translucent chips that intensify the clarity and elegance
• Unique and luxurious colors
• The renewability and repairability of LG Surfaces
• Non-porous
• Acrylic solid surface, guaranteeing lasting durability

The LG Surfaces Volcanics collection is backed by the industry leading 15-year, fully transferable warranty for residential and commercial applications.

Thickness Width Length
1/2” (12mm) 30” (760mm) 145” (3680mm)

• Due to the unique properties of the Volcanics Collection, thermoforming is not recommended.
• Samples are finished to 15 micron (600 grit), polished finish, to maximize clarity and depth. This degree of finish requires additional process, time and cost to the finished countertop.

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