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Intrigue all senses.

With Lucent Solid Surface by LG Surfaces, you have the freedom to create spaces that will bring your ideas to light.  Lucent features four translucent 100% acrylic solid surface colors, providing a sensuous look
that when combined with light sources, the pastel shades become dramatic design highlights.  Pair the effect with the thermoformable properties of LG Solid Surfaces and you have a design that touches the sight and soul.

Transform ordinary spaces into vibrant, attractive and functional spaces by working structures and patterns into the material to create a completely new perception of space.  Design with Lucent colors Emerald, Opal, Ruby, and Sapphire to change the mood of the environment or shade of color with precisely positioned light sources.

Lucent Solid Surface is durable, hygienic and stain resistant, making the product ideal for commercial interior spaces and unique applications featuring light sources.

Suitable applications for Lucent include:
  • Backlighting countertops or wall cladding
  • Hospitals and health care sectors
  • Columns and art
  • Bars & Restaurants
The most important consideration to remember is that, due to the light transmitting properties of the Lucent material, anything below or behind the sheet can produce a shadow that will be visible.  For example,
spots of adhesive, cabinet supports, seam blocks, sink flanges, etc., will all show through the material.  Even when two or more pieces of Lucent Solid Surface are laminated together for use as a drop edge or seam block this area will appear darker due to reduced light transmission through the additional thickness.  For all other aspects of fabrication, please refer to the attached Lucent Technical Bulletin or the HI-MACS Fabrication Guide.

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