Fabrication & Installation:

HI-MACS weight differes based upon thickness and length. In a single sheet, LG HI-MACS should be carried vertically to prevent breaking or bending. Multiple sheets should be supported by a pallet.

Safety Guide:
When working with LG HI-MACS, one needs to observe common safety procedures and practices.

Safety glasses when sanding or cutting
Ear plugs when working with loud machinery
Gloves and shoes
Dust filtering mask

Proper breathing filters and ventilation are necessary when working with LG HI-MACS, as breathing dust can be harmful.

HI-MACS expands and contracts according to temperature and humidity. Installers should keep this in mind when measuring.

When making cutouts, leave approximately 1/4 inch of space.

When installing at the wall side or joining between sheets, leave approximately 1/4 inch of space.

Cracks can occur due to the following reasons:

The support for LG HI-MACS is not level.

The joint is not finished smoothly.

Adhesive is not applied evenly.

Proper length or spacing is not left during fabrication.


Store LG HI-MACS indoors in an area with proper ventilation.

LG HI-MACS should not be placed directly on the floor.

Avoid high temperatures or high humidty.

Line Cutting:

Table Saw

Table saw is required for precision and large quantity cutting of LG HI-MACS.

Carbide or diamond blades are recommended for best performance.

Cutting speed can differ, but 2-3M/min is recommended.

Table saw with rollers is recommended for precise long cuts.

Other Power Saws

Smaller hand-held saws may be used with LG HI-MACS.

Circular saw for short straight cuts.

Jig saws for small curved cuts.

Care and experience is required for marking cuts with hand-held saws.

Radius Cutting:

Precise and smooth radius cutting of LG HI-MACS is possible with the use of a router and a template. This is best for routing for sink installation.

A minimum of 1/2 inch of space should be allowed when making sink cuts with a router.

Finish Cutting:

With the proper bit, numerous decorative or smooth edges may be achieved with the use of a router.

For more complicated finishes, a template is recommended.

Drilling and Programmable Table Routers:

LG HI-MACS may be used on Programmable Table Routers for custom large quatity and precision processing.

LG HI-MACS is suitable for use with any hole-making device.

1/8 of an inch should be allowed when working with this type of equipment.

LG HI-MACS ADHESIVE Two component adhesive system

WARNING: Adhesives are flammable. Proper safety precautions should be taken to avoid firing.

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