Designing with LG HI-MACS

Introducing LG HI-MACS: Where great style meets common sense! Now you can experience the luxury and lasting beauty of solid surface countertops, with an affordability that’s equally impressive. Nothing enhances a room quite like the stylish and sophisticated look of quality countertops, backsplashes, walls or vanities. And LG HI-MACS gives you that look with the thicknesses and color choices preferred by today’s architects and designers. Upgrading your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities not only enhances the beauty and functionality of your home, but is recognized as one of the most beneficial investments that can add value should you decide to sell it. With LG HI-MACS professional installation is performed by the industry’s leading technicians to ensure the precision and craftsmanship you deserve. And with a 15-year warranty, stunning look and affordable price, LG HI-MACS just may be the smartest purchase you’ve ever made.

Go ahead, spoil yourself.

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