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Design Your Own Kitchen

LG HI-MACS® Acrylic Solid Surface : Colors : Design Your Own Kitchen
S06 Arctic White S09 Cream S29 Ivory White S02 Almond G34 Arctic Granite G04 White Quartz G50 Tapioca Pearl G65 Tundra Quartz
G38 Sea Oat Quartz G223 Maui Quartz G48 Beach Sand G30 Ivory Quartz G05 White Granite G08 Almond Pearl G58 Moonscape Quartz G75 Sonoran Granite
G29 Terra Quartz G18 Rose Granite G06 Rose Quartz G72 Sienna Quartz G44 Seafoam Quartz G26 Apple Green Sand G64 Foliage Quartz G62 Oregano Sand
G43 Verde Quartz G24 Aqua Granite G15 Midnight Pearl G39 Azure Quartz G32 Steel Sand G70 Delta Sand G33 Aztec Quartz G22 Beige Sand
G01 Desert Sand G42 Venetian Sand G59 Spiced Java Sand G74 Mocha Granite G63 Allspice Quartz G73 Mesa Granite G17 Gray Granite G23 Natural Granite
G02 Gray Sand G07 Platinum Granite G09 Black Sand G40 Celebration Granite G31 Black Granite G10 Black Pearl    

Please click A Tile To View Your New Kitchen.

After clicking on a tile, a new window
will open showing a kitchen with that
color. To compare colors, you may click
on multiple tiles to show the kitchens in multiple windows next to each other.







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