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Frequently Asked Questions

LG HI-MACS® Acrylic Solid Surface : About LG HI-MACS® : Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a solid surface material?

Your decision on which solid surface product to select should be made based on four specific criteria:

COLOR - LG HI-MACS has an ever expanding color palette with patterns and tones to meet every design.

QUALITY - LG HI-MACS is backed by the industry's only 15-year fully transferable warranty that is a testament to the lasting durability of the product.

SERVICE - LG HI-MACS enjoys a nationwide distribution, dealer and fabrication network to assure the availability and level of service you expect.

PRICE - LG HI-MACS is a premium 100% acrylic solid surface material, and is offered at extremely competitive prices.

Where can I see actual samples or displays of LG HI-MACS products?

If you are on the LG HI-MACS home page click on the Dealer Locator button on the left side and search by the criteria of your choice. LG HI-MACS is available at Lowe's stores nationwide. If you are in the trade industry please visit Trade Partners, Find a Distributor.

Can I use LG HI-MACS in any solid surface application?

Yes, and in many cases, such as backsplashes, shower walls, tub surroundings and windowsill treatments, our 1/4" material will prove to be more economical!

How much does LG HI-MACS cost?

The cost of any solid surface installation varies due to the complexity of the design, edge detail, finish, and color selection. Bottom line; do not accept a quote for your job without asking your Dealer to bid your job in LG HI-MACS.

What kind of warranty does LG HI-MACS offer?

LG HI-MACS is backed by the ony 15-year warranty in the industry, and in addition, should you sell your home or business, the LG HI-MACS warranty is fully transferable!


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